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Bubble Escape WTH? v1.02 [Unlocked]

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CRACK Bubble Escape WTH? v1.02 [Unlocked]

Post by zameel »

Bubble Escape WTH? v1.02 [Unlocked]
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: An Innovative and Unique Flying Bubble Game ★★★ Motion Sensor ★★★


An Innovative and Unique Flying Bubble Game ★★★ Motion Sensor ★★★

WTH? : Willing To Help?
In this bubble game helping is not an easy task!

★★★ So are you up to the challenge? ★★★


Bubble Escape WTH? An Arcade + light Puzzle Combo with mazes

Big head + small body, dancing and jumping characters of every age, they are cute, adorable and funny (All are friends and family)

Your friends and family members are stuck in a maze, you must help them to escape, but how?
> Get inside a bubble - ★Get Ready★
> Fly / float inside the maze - ★Get Set Go★
> Collect others in your bubble - ★Do The Action★
> Drop them to escape points - ★Be The Hero★
But the challenge is to avoid various amazing obstacles like canons, spikes, lasers, acid drops etc and foremost prevent your bubble from BLASTING :)

Motion Sensor (Accelerometer), the direction and speed of the flying bubble is controlled by tilting or rotating your device (android mobile / tablet).

This flying bubble game requires your dexterity, agility, stability, reflex and mostly patience.
Nothing to depend on, you must rely on your own skills to help.

• Two seasons to start with (First Escape, Don't Panic 0), more coming soon
• 6 players to choose from, more coming soon
• Super smooth interpolated skeletal animations in players
• Innovative physics based simulation
• Full HD Optimized Flat Graphics - supporting Small to Extra Large and Low to Extra High Density Screens
• Flat UI and 2D Graphics based on latest trends
* First ever Motion Sensor bubble game
• Completing one level - unlocks next and helping members to escape - unlocks seasons
• Escape Points also saves your progress to continue game

The game is based on symbols for actions and graphics, every button has a symbol, so no language translation is needed

Pro version is available via in-app purchase

• Removes All Advertisements
• Unlocks All Players (including future updates)
• Unlocks All Seasons (including future updates)

Funny things about Bubble Escape:
• The player and other members perform various funny movements/dances and are never standing still.
• When bubble blast's the player and member inside bubble falls into the maze and keeps bouncing till the game restart automatically, its the most funny part.
• Everyone jumps on touching in different styles on main screen

Non-sense facts (unanswered):
• From where the player got that huge bubble?
• Why and How did the player got in that bubble, How others get inside it without blasting it?
• Why aren't their doors instead of sci-fi portals?
• How other members reached the maze and why they are stuck & can't move?
• Why do players bounce around the maze when they fall off the bubble?
• Why GameG was lazy enough to not provide an interesting imaginative backstory?

What's New
*Frustrate, if you can't control this bubble game
*Super Compressed Graphics & File Size
Optimized for quick downloading
Bubble Escape Launched
Have Fun Playing

This app has NO advertisements

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