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Calculator Lock – Video Lock & Photo Vault – HideX v3.2.9.19 [Premium]

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PREMIUM Calculator Lock – Video Lock & Photo Vault – HideX v3.2.9.19 [Premium]

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Calculator Lock – Video Lock & Photo Vault – HideX v3.2.9.19 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.2 and up
Overview: HideX gallery vault calculator lock app is a photo and video calculator for photo lock gallery video lock behind a math calculator without anyone knowing as gallery video lock.


Disguised as a calculator HideX gallery vault &video lock is a stunning free video gallery vault photo gallery lock audio protector and privacy lock for your personal information and media files.
HideX enables private browse and private download You can search and view any videos or photos in a private browser. Only one-click download and video/photo will be downloaded and directly saved in HideX.

Install privacy lock and calculator gallery vault now so that no one can view hidden folders or privacy files except yourself. You can create your own photo gallery and media gallery manage the privacy hidden folders or albums of photos and videos lock videos and hide photos from the system gallery while others could only see a normal calculator installed on your phone.
Highlight Features
- Gallery vault lock: auto- detect photos and videos on your device
- Privacy lock: gallery vault hide picture and videos lock photo album
- Gallery vault calculator: disguise on home screen as a calculator
- Sort files or folder better organize hidden photos and videos in gallery vault lock
- Built-in private image viewer video player
- Private browser to visit sites private and safe
- Large media storage to lock video & hide photos in hidex gallery vault pro.
Icon Disguise
- Calculator video lock calculator photo vault no one knows its existence except you
- photo and video lock in personal gallery can only be viewed with correct numeric PIN you set for private calculator gallery vault
- Offer all the regular and scientific calculator functions to make perfect disguise for secure gallery vault picture/video lock.
Hide photos hide pictures
- hide pictures to our hidden photo vault from system gallery
- Browse hidden photos in safe place
- Support multiple formats picture: jpg png gif and more
Video Lock and Media Vault
- Keep others away from your private videos movies in safe video vault
- Create unlimited secret folders and import files
Multiple Vault&Fake Vault
- Create multiple gallery vaults with different passwords for storing photos videos.
- Set one of them to be a fake calculator gallery vault
Safe view websites via build-in privacy browser
- Incognito mode for privacy browser
- Built-in privacy browser history cleaner to protect privacy
Effective Media Vault Management
- Effectively sort and organize encrypted private files
- Easy to locate rename and delete photos pictures and videos in secret gallery vault
️Break-in Alert
- Turn on the alert and get photo snapped when unlocking gallery vault failed
- Snap anyone who try to break into your privacy
---- FAQ ----
Q: How to use HideX - the best secret calculator video vault?
A: Launch calculator gallery vault to enter disguised math calculator.
Set a password on the calculator panel and press = to confirm your password.
Note: Remember allow the privacy keeper to access photos media and files.
Q:What if I forget my password?
A:Please enter 11223344= to verify your security question and reset the password. If you still have trouble logging in please submit your valid e-mail address and our support team will contact you within 12 hours.
Q:What if I lost my files?
A:Please go to "setting" and enter "recover lost files" to scan your lost files. If problem not solved please contact us via flatfishteam@gmail.com.

HideX is a fantastic privacy protection app to hide photos and lock videos. Feel free to use this amazing calculator video vault and photo vault now!
We focus on pro privacy protection and are dedicated to provide the most advanced video hider and photo locker to keep your privacy safe!
If there’s any problem or suggestion please contact us via flatfishteam@gmail.com

install app + support apk accordingly

What's New:
Thanks for using HideX! We've made a big improvement
Powerful, stable & easy-to-use:
1.HideX supports Hide,Clone and run multiple accounts of the same app simultaneously, and use themes to style your unique space.
2.Design a new UI that allows you to hide and manage various types of files or apps more conveniently.
3.Protect user privacy, make apps invisible on device through Incognito Installation.

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Download Instructions: credit LunaDevX
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