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Super Magnifier Premium v1.0.3

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FULL Super Magnifier Premium v1.0.3

Post by srajawwal09 »

Super Magnifier Premium v1.0.3
Requirements: 4.0.3 and up
Overview: Uses your phone's camera to magnify text, image or anything else.


Now there is no need to spend money on buying magnifying glass when reading small labels, with this free Super Magnifier app you will see the text big and clear.

Magnifier has zoom and lighting controls so you can change it easily, you can also use your device's flash light as torch in order to get a better image quality in dark.

A freeze image functionality will let you freeze the image so you can read and use it comfortably. Once you freeze the image, you can save it in library or share it if you want.

It is simple and easy tool. Here are main features.
✓ LED light
✓ Zoom and Exposure controls
✓ Flashlight for low light situations
✓ Save captured pictures in library or share images
✓ Awesome image visibility
✓ Really simple to use
✓ Freeze Screen
✓ Rotate camera view
✓ Auto-focus
✓ Tap to focus
✓ Screenshot

This app turns your device into a magnifying glass with camera zoom, auto-focus and LED flash.
When you want to magnify small things and words, [Super Magnifier] can be the solution. Try it now.

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The quality of the image is directly related with the quality of your device's camera.

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