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What will not be considered a Software Review?
• The review made without testing on at-least one android device will not be accepted.
• Mass review (reviews containing more than one application) will generally not be accepted.
• Ask a moderator if you want to make any collection of reviews.
• There is also some quality control on the app's review accepted; if the app reviewed is of truly awful quality and overfilled with intrusive promotions or ads, our moderators may remove it.
• Generally though if you find that your review is missing it will be because you did not follow one of the rules.

Be sure to include the following :
• App's Name.
• App's Developer.
• App's Category.
• Price, if available else "N/A". (Only Applicable to PAID apps)
• In App Purchase, if available else "N/A". (Only Applicable if it has IAP)
• Google Play Store Rating, if available else "N/A".
• Overview of your review (short headline), what are the highlights? , you can copy and paste an overview from Google Play OR can be your Own , this is to get readers interest.
• Image of the app in action, OR screenshots of Pro's & Con's of the app. [Optional]

Next comes the short & point form description of your review. (this is for users who do not like paragraphs & also help others to decide if a particular app suits their needs)
• List all the app's positive features or views [Pro's].
• List all the app's negative features or views [Con's].
Preferably use List BBcode here , for better viewing:

Code: Select all

[*] is 1.
[*] is 2.
[*] is 3.
Next comes the complete description of your review. (this is preferably in paragraphs form)
• What you tested?.
• How you tested?.
• Positive features/views.
• Negative features/views.
• Your thoughts.

More Info Link to the developer's homepage of the software you are reviewing, mostly to "play.google.com"
Proper example:

Code: Select all

If there is no such link (no developer's homepage or Playstore) put "N/A".

Then is Link to App on this forum , Only if it is available. [Optional]
• Link to a Released App on this forum.
• Also can give a Search parameter link on this forum. [highly Optional]
Proper example:
Forum app links:
Search app link:
Test App Title

Then is Reviewer App Rating & Device used for testing.
• Your app's rating , it should be from 0.0 to 5.0 , decimal of single digit only.
• List all the devices & OS on devices used on.
Proper example:
Reviewer Rating: X.y/5.0
Device/OS used: Device1, Device2 / OS1 vP.q.r, OS2 vM.n, OS3 vA.b.c

Here is the message body for it:

Code: Select all

[b]SKRWT v1.2.0[/b]
[b]Developer:[/b] mjagielski
[u]Category:[/u] Tool.
[u]Price:[/u] $1.5 [USD]
[u]In App Purchase:[/u] $0.5 - $1.5
[u]Google Play Store Rating:[/u] 4.2/5.0

[u]Overview:[/u] SKRWT - the missing link in high-end smartphone photography - is the most powerful keystone- and lens-correction tool out there and has been selected for the App Store's "Best Apps 2014". Discover never-before-seen editing features and enhance your smartphone photography with just a few taps. All hail symmetry!

[u]Positive [Pro's]:[/u]
[*]Non-destructive workflow.
[*]Intuitive user interface.
[*]Always full-res saving.
[*]High precision editing.
[*]Does not have AD's.

[u]Negative [Con's]:[/u]
[*]It is a Paid App.
[*]Has In-App-Purchase for extra features.
[*]Has small icons on user interface.

[u]Review :[/u]
Type your
here in

This is

And this
would be

[u]More Info:[/u]

[u]Forum app links:[/u]
[u]Forum search:[/u]

[u]Reviewer Rating:[/u] 3.0/5.0
[u]Device/OS used:[/u] Samsung Galaxy S5, Nexus 7 / KitKat v4.4.4, Lollipop v5.1.1, Marshmallow v6.0
• Do not put any additional spaces (empty lines) in your review- use the template format.
• More Info links from external blogs/forums or any advertising sites are not allowed. If there is no link (developer's homepage or Playstore) put "N/A".
• Software packages containing multiple software which have already been reviewed and only regrouped according to a common trait are forbidden. If you wish to review a special software package that has been specially organized in what you find to be a very useful way, PM a mod to get permission to post it. Otherwise, an unauthorized software/game package with all of its contents already existing in posted reviews will be deleted.
• If you still are not sure how to format your review, look at other posts in the forums. Use the preview button until you get your post to look right.

All topics that are not edited after ~7 days will be deleted.

Thank you for posting!
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