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Website Anti-Ad-Block

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INFO Website Anti-Ad-Block

Post by Dark❶ »

Dear Registered users,

Our forum ReleaseAPK has Anti-Ad-Block System.

For those Registered users who can not use ReleaseAPK due to your Ad-Block System,
Has following Options to make it work for you :
  1. For those Registered users who does not want to opt for Ad-Free Subscription,
    Can follow this instructions :
    1. Disable your Ad-Blocker for forum.release-apk.com & release-apk.com.
    2. Disable your Browser specific Blocking like "Enhanced Tracking Protection" in FireFox, if required then "Lite Mode" in Chrome.
    3. Disable your Proxy/VPN/DNS/HostsFiles that Block's or Filter's anything like "Adguard" VPN.
    4. Clear your Browser "Cache".
    5. Next "Refresh/Revisit" the ReleaseAPK in your Browser,
      You have to wait for at-least 10 Secs for script to execute,
      More than 10 Secs if on "slower" network.
  2. For those Registered users who want to opt for Ad-Free Subscription,
    Can go and read the details here : ./viewtopic.php?p=130919#p130919
Kindly read the above instruction properly before complaining.
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